Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Riding gear

Never gave much thought about the proper gear before I started riding my own. I never wore a helmet, gloves or long sleeves before but now I want to wear my helmet and I have bought two armor jackets, one mesh and the other cordura material. I have to say I love them both! I was worried about how they would fit and feel with the armor but they are awesome!

I just bought a codura jacket for my BF with the armor, he doesn't have a descent riding jacket so this will be great for him.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My to do list- updated

I have several things to do to be ready for this riding season..........

Chrome luggage rack= doesn't fit have to find another one...ugh

order luggage= received 2/26/09 looks like a nice piece of luggage :-)

order back rest - received and on bike :-)

get my tires on my bike - Done 2/16/09 YAY I have new tread!!!

fork seals replaced - done !

oil change

Oh yea bought myself a little something something for all my road trips.....a laptop!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Conga II WWR Reunion

I am going on several rides this year but my first big ride is in May. I am going to meet up with some of the Ladies from the WWR forum. This is a really great forum, I have learned a lot from these ladies and made some new friends!

Flo started this "Conga" in 2007 when she met up with Donna and Jerry from Ride Like A Pro and rode her motorcycle from Florida to Canada. She would meet up with different ladies from the forum and they would ride with her to the next meeting spot. Then the next group would ride with her and so on to Canada.

This year she is doing it again but this time she is raising money for breast cancer. I am anxious to meet everyone, I will be meeting them in KY and riding to Milwaukee, WI. I will then head back home as some of the others and Flo will meet up with new riders and continue to Canada.

Go with the Flo....what a wonderful person!